Growing the Foundation

First and foremost happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈 everyone. I feel very proud of this foundation, and the person I have become.

If you are new here, feel free to read my original founder’s statement to learn more about what I am hoping to do and how everything works.

A quick update.

We raised over $5,000.00 dollars in the last 2 weeks 🎉

We have read 4 membership proposals, and are starting to take a look at bringing on other members for the board of directors.

We have seen 5 applications for sponsorship.

We are looking to (slowly) grow.

Our goal is to have our first sponsorship paid out in July.

This is where YOU come in.

We are looking for nice, peaceful folks to help out with a few things.

  • Members: We are looking for folks to help with grants and sponsorships.
  • Candidates: We are looking for any transgender or queer person in STEM who would benefit from the organization.


If you are someone who has some free time, and is interested in making science, technology, education, and mathematics more beautiful please do consider applying for membership.

All we need is a ✨ 1-page proposal ✨ similar to the ones found here.

We will be announcing the initial “bootstrapping” members next month (July).

If you are new to GitHub that is okay! You can also email your proposal to


If you, or someone you know identifies as transgender or queer who needs sponsorship please do consider reaching out to us.

We have heard stories such as pre-transition folks who are unable to transition at work, and will be losing health coverage if they leave.

We understand there are a lot of things working against transgender professionals, and that is precisely why the foundation exists.

Please consider emailing us or reaching out via the online form.

Board of Directors

If you or someone you know is interested in a leadership position with the foundation, or an opportunity to serve on a formal Board of Directors please do email our founder Kris Nóva.


The Board is effectively powerless when it comes to deciding on sponsorships (that is why we have members).

However, The Board will be tasked with the following.

  • Managing Funds
  • Hiring Decisions
  • Managing Volunteers
  • Service as a Voice/Vote on corporate decision-making
  • Appointing, managing, and ultimately enabling members

Time commitments would be a 1:1 (either in person, or digital) with myself to review our charter and bylaws. Furthermore we would hope to start a formal board meeting process.

If you think you might be interested in this or know someone who is please email me.

Budget Update 💰

As of writing this proposal we currently have over $5,000.00 in operating capital. We will be appointing members in the next 2 weeks. This means we will have everything we need to give these funds (and more!) to our first sponsorship!

Kris Nóva

Founder and CEO of The Privilege Escalation Foundation. She is a transgender computer scientist who deeply believes that a queer mind should never be held back by their body.