Founder's Statement

Kris Nóva

Founder and CEO of The Privilege Escalation Foundation. She is a transgender computer scientist who deeply believes that a queer mind should never be held back by their body.

I have been recovering from facial feminization surgery for 2 weeks and have spent my time incorporating The Privilege Escalation Foundation in California, and filing our Founding Bylaws with the IRS.

I have one simple mission.

to enable gender confirming healthcare, financial resources, and overall support for transgender minds in STEM.

After spending the majority of my career with other Non-Profit organizations there are a few things I knew I wanted to do.

The more I thought about what was important to me as a transgender person, the more I realized how passionate I was about the bylaws and posture of the organization.

So I want to publicly announce a few things right away just to set the tone of things.

1. Our ledger will always be 100% transparent

Upon founding, I donated a mere $1,000.00 to the foundation.

We have already spent $499.95 of that on registering a trademark, filing fees, and hosting this website.

As of June 1st, we have $500.05 in operating capital.

We plan on sharing our ledger on the website and in GitHub as soon as we can automate it. In the mean time we will tweet about it.

2. Those who control the money are not those who spend the money

Our money is managed by “The Board of Directors” – who currently is just me.

Our money is then awarded by a majority vote of our members – who currently is not me.

The Board of Directors (again – me) can elect members.

Membership can also be awarded by a majority vote of members.

3. My compensation will always be $0.00

On day one I decided two things.

  • I will pay myself $0.00
  • All compensation will be pre-determined and non-negotiable for every other position at the foundation

I am technically eligible for a sponsorship from the foundation, but I certainly do not ever expect one.

I plan on publicly posting our 16 pages of official bylaws (the same ones filed with the IRS) as membership grows and we take on other board members.

4. Membership is fundamental

The success and health of this foundation is built on membership.

Members decide where the money goes. The intellectual decision-making power of our members is the heart of the foundation.

We need quality, determined, committed, and empathetic members.

Because membership, voting, and awarding sponsorship will be dictated by members, members will need to be self organizing.

All membership work is to be 100% transparent and performed in public venues.

We have an immediate need for members! Please help us give our money to transgender minds in stem today.

5. We value diversity

We need everyone.

Having a well-balanced breadth of people working with the foundation is our primary value. So yes – we hope to have members from all classes of the world present.

Members will be responsible for drafting and maintaining the following items.

  • Code of Conduct
  • Diversity Statement

What’s next?

That’s it.

I carved out the legal space necessary to protect our members and give them the freedom to follow their hearts.

The foundation collects money. Members self organize and change transgender lives in STEM forever.

I serve as a powerless entity that manages the paperwork and has veto capabilities.

We will be announcing membership as new members are elected.

We will be announcing sponsorships as members award them.

How can I help?

I get asked this question a lot. Sincerely here is what I think you should do:

  • Help me elect 3 new members to the foundation (nominate yourself, or somebody else, roll up your sleeves and get pull requests opened up).
  • Send us brilliant transgender minds in STEM who need help. Sincerely. Send us your queer, tired, exhausted transgender people. We want to give them money.
  • Schedule time with Kris Nóva to share our cause on your platform (videos, blogs, interviews, events, etc)

Thank you

Now go click some buttons on the website, tell your friends and family, and consider nominating yourself to become a member.