Membership is the core of The Privilege Escalation Foundation, and our members are leaders.

The entire system will be held together by a set of volunteer empathetic and honest members. Without good members we are nothing more than a website and a small bank account.

Members are the volunteers like you who will be voting on how we spend our money.

Members will be expected to work directly with candidates to help them get the resources they need.

Being a member will not be easy, but it will always be free and rewarding.

Is membership right for me?

Do you have a small amount of free time with a passion for helping transgender minds in STEM?

Are you empathetic and are willing to connect with people online?

Are you willing to find a candidate and stop at nothing until they receive the help they need?

Membership might be right for you.

Who can be a member?


Regardless of age, country of origin, citizenship, race, color, sexual orientation, background, religious status.

There are no limitations on who can be a member.

How do I apply?

There isn’t an application however we use a tool called GitHub for now to manage the process.

You can read the fine print about the process of becoming a member.

Also please do talk to us on Discord directly about becoming a member.

Who appoints the first members?

Kris Nóva will officially appoint the first members to the foundation.

The foundation will not be able to award any sponsorships until these original 3 members are appointed.

What can members do?

The sky is the limit!

However the majority of the job will require hanging out in Discord and voting every once in a while.

There is minimal structure in place today, but members will have total control of things like:

  • Voting and elections
  • The sponsorship process
  • How a sponsorship is determined
  • How membership is managed
  • How the election process is managed

A good member will feel enabled to do things like:

  • Form committees
  • Form subprojects
  • Design a fair election process
  • Edit the website
  • Post blogs
  • Help candidates
  • Help other members
  • Take ownership