Kris Nóva

Founder and CEO of The Privilege Escalation Foundation. She is a transgender computer scientist who deeply believes that a queer mind should never be held back by their body.

Her Passion

She is a self-taught engineer who experienced first hand the hardship of succeeding in STEM with a broken body.

Growing up in an environment blind to transgender youth healthcare, she suffered unnecessary irreversible physical and emotional damage.

She hopes to offer a brighter future for future minds in her field of work.

Ultimately she believes

that a brilliant mind should never be held back by an unsafe body.

Her Struggle

Never graduating from college, and competing in a male dominated industry presented plenty of challenges for queer Nóva.

Furthermore, her body had unnecessarily developed in ways that were actively harming her, causing an ever present risk of self harm.

After battling private healthcare companies for years, and paying well over 6 figures in out-of-pocket expenses she found herself repulsed with the current state of affairs with transgender healthcare in the U.S.

The amount of money, luck, and work required to merely achieve minimal healthcare was unacceptable to her.

Her Goal

The year 2020 was challenging for humanity for so many reasons, and she was no exception to the hardship.

She decided to roll up her sleeves and dedicate a substantial portion of her personal time to offering a service to the world free of charge.

She has one simple goal.

To work towards a world where a transgender mind is never held back because of an unsafe body.

…and both her mind – and her body – have a lot of work to do.