How it works

We identify transgender people in STEM who need help achieving their full potential.

We help them pay for what they need through sponsorships.

Read our Founder’s Statement which has more information about what we are doing and how things work.

Sponsorship Process

Candidates apply for a sponsorship.

Members draft sponsorship proposals with candidates.

Members vote on the proposals.

Candidates are awarded sponsorships.

The foundation funds the sponsorship.


Members are volunteers and becoming a member is free.

Anyone can be a member.

Members decide who receives a sponsorship.

Upon founding, we have 0 members.


Anyone in STEM who identifies as transgender, trans identifying, or queer can become a candidate.

Anyone who applies for a sponsorship becomes a candidate.


Every candidate is asked some very personal questions.

Members are trusted to keep the application confidential.

If a member decides to sponsor a candidate the member and the candidate work together to come up with a sponsorship proposal.

The member calls for a vote.

Upon a majority vote the sponsorship proposal is accepted and the candidate is awarded the sponsorship.

Candidates cannot award themselves sponsorships.